Used by about 29% of e-commerce websites, Shopify is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. The platform’s user-friendly interface and powerful features have made it easy for all businesses, big or small, to sell their products and services online.

While one of Shopify’s biggest selling points is its beginner-friendly interface that enables anyone with no coding knowledge to set up and run their own e-commerce website from scratch, some of the platform’s features and functions are not always as straightforward as they seem. Besides, no matter how simple a platform may be, it can be challenging trying to figure out something new all on your own — sometimes it is much faster and easier to have someone guide you on what you need to do!

That’s where FirstCom Academy’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Tutorials on Shopify comes in. From beginner-level tutorials to advanced techniques and niche-specific applications, we’ve curated a collection of the best Shopify tutorials available, handpicked from trusted sources. These Shopify tutorials will provide you with the practical insights, tips, and techniques needed to build a successful online store, optimise conversions, and unlock the full potential of Shopify.

Let’s dive in and discover the secrets to building with Shopify!


Step-by-Step Shopify Tutorials for Starting an Online Store

Shopify Blog: How to Start an Online Store in 2023

Who better to teach you how to start a Shopify store than Shopify themselves? Aimed at providing beginners with a detailed roadmap for setting up their first online store, this tutorial is immensely valuable for those new to the world of e-commerce. It serves as a one-stop resource, guiding learners through the entire process of launching their online store using Shopify’s platform.

What to expect:
From this Shopify tutorial, beginners can expect to gain a solid understanding of the key aspects involved in setting up an online store. Following the step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to navigate the Shopify interface, choose an appealing theme, customise your store’s appearance, add products, configure payment options, set up shipping settings, and launch your store to the world.

The Shopify tutorial breaks down each step in a clear and concise manner, providing practical tips, best practices, and helpful screenshots to demonstrate the setup process. By the end of the tutorial, even complete beginners will have the confidence, foundational skills and knowledge to start their e-commerce journey on Shopify.

Shopify tutorial: How to Start an Online Store in 2023 on the Shopify Blog
Cost: Free
Format: Web article

Sumo: Complete Step-by-Step Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

Need a step-by-step guide to get started with Shopify but don’t know where to begin? Sumo is a tool that helps Shopify store owners grow their email lists, boost their conversion rates and sales rates — but they also host one of the best beginner Shopify tutorials on the internet. It’s also available in both web and PDF format for those who like to have something printed out to refer to.

What to expect:
From planning your store even before you boot up your laptop, to creating your Shopify account, going through the shop setup process and customising your store — this beginner-friendly guide takes you through every single step in great detail.

Like a comprehensive checklist you can follow along, each step is explained clearly with screenshots to ensure you don’t feel lost along the way.

The step-by-step Shopify tutorial covers essential aspects such as creating an account, setting up a store, customising the store’s appearance, adding products, configuring payment gateways, managing orders, and optimising the store for better performance. There are also handy tips and notes for each section. Some examples include tips for domain names, essential web pages to include, recommended apps and themes for customising your store, as well as marketing tips for e-commerce.

Shopify tutorial: Sumo: Step-by-step Shopify Tutorial for Beginners
Cost: Free
Format: Web article and downloadable PDF


Shopify Tutorials for the Best Apps

Shopify Blog: 25 Free Shopify Apps to Check Out

The Shopify platform comes with its own app store with a slew of third-party apps that help expand the store’s functionality. However, sorting through all 8,000 apps to find the best ones for you can be a tall order.

Instead, why not let Shopify tell you which app to use? In this Shopify tutorial, the platform highlights 25 free apps to boost your Shopify store with power and feature-rich apps without incurring additional costs.

What to expect:
This Shopify tutorial is for those who are seeking ways to optimise their Shopify store’s functionality and performance with third-party tools. By exploring the curated list of free Shopify apps, beginners can discover and integrate tools that enhance their store’s capabilities without the need for extensive technical knowledge of financial investment.

You’ll be introduced to a handpicked selection of free Shopify apps that can supercharge your store’s operations. There is an overview of each app, highlighting its features and benefits, and offers insights into how each app can contribute to different aspects of your Shopify e-commerce business.

Shopify tutorial: Shopify Blog: 25 Free Apps to Check Out in the Shopify App Store
Cost: Free
Format: Web article

Hootsuite: 14 Best Shopify Apps for Your E-commerce Store

Unlike the previous Shopify tutorial which focuses on free apps, Hoosuite’s list focuses on high-quality apps with reasonable free trials or fees. This resource offers valuable insights and recommendations for powerful, dedicated apps for each aspect of your Shopify e-commerce store.

What to expect:
Hootsuite’s Shopify tutorial for apps uncovers a collection of the best Shopify apps that can enhance each part of your store, including marketing, customer engagement, social media integration, inventory management and more.

The tutorial covers a total of 14 Shopify apps, each accompanied by a brief overview of its features, the rating on the Shopify app store, key features, pricing, and how it contributes to specific areas of their e-commerce business. Hootsuite even includes a customer review so you can see what people are saying about the highlighted app without having to click into the app store.

From recovering abandoned carts to delivery fulfilment, loyalty programs, social media integration, SEO optimisation, newsletter subscriptions, email marketing, landing pages, landing pages and more — Hootsuite’s Shopify tutorial on apps is perfect for learning about useful Shopify functions you didn’t even know you needed!

Shopify tutorial: Hootsuite: 14 Best Shopify Apps to Help Grow Your E-commerce Store
Cost: Free
Format: Web article


Shopify Tutorials for Sales and Marketing

Oberlo: Shopify Dropshipping for Beginners

Dropshipping is a retail fulfilment method where a store doesn’t stock the products it sells. Instead, it purchases the items from a wholesaler or manufacturer and has it shipped directly to the customer.

For beginners interested in venturing into the world of dropshipping using Shopify, Oberlo offers a valuable resource with their free dropshipping Shopify tutorial. This tutorial is specifically designed to provide beginners with a comprehensive understanding of the dropshipping model within the Shopify platform.

What to expect:
This is a step-by-step walkthrough that covers the dropshipping process on Shopify from start to finish. It includes setting up your Shopify store to enable dropshipping, sourcing products from suppliers, importing products into the store, and managing orders.

Oberlo’s dropshipping Shopify tutorial also dives into other topics such as the benefits of dropshipping, product selection, pricing strategies and order fulfilment. It also goes into effective marketing tactics to drive traffic to your Shopify store and convert visitors into customers.

With a focus on dropshipping, the tutorial dives into essential aspects such as product selection, pricing strategies, and order fulfilment. Additionally, learners will gain insights into effective marketing tactics to drive traffic to their store and convert visitors into customers.

Shopify tutorial: Oberlo: Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial for Beginners
Cost: Free
Format: Web article

Shopify Blog: How to Make Your First E-commerce Sale — Fast

Set up your first Shopify store but still waiting for your first sale to come in? Shopify’s blog offers a tutorial full of great tips and insights on how to achieve your first successful sale. It guides learners through the essential steps and strategies necessary to attract customers, drive conversions and generate revenue.

What to expect:
Through this Shopify tutorial, beginners can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the key elements involved in making their first sale on Shopify. The guide covers crucial topics such as identifying target customers, crafting compelling product descriptions, optimising product pages, implementing effective marketing techniques, and utilising social media to promote their store.

By following the recommended strategies, beginners can overcome common challenges, gain traction, and ultimately achieve their first successful sale on the Shopify platform. Additionally, the tutorial also offers valuable tips and insights on customer retention and building long-term relationships to sustain business growth.

Shopify tutorial: Shopify Blog: Make Your First Sale
Cost: Free
Format: Web article

Shopify Learn: How to Create a Personalised Discount Strategy

This Shopify tutorial hosted on Shopify’s Learning Center explains how owners can create a personalised discount strategy for their Shopify store. Targeted discounts are a great way to attract and retain customers, drive conversions and increase sales over the long-term.

What to expect:
If you’re looking to leverage discounts as a strategic tool to boost your Shopify store’s performance, then this tutorial is for you.

You’ll learn about the types of personalised discount strategies, when to use them, and how to implement them effectively in the context of a Shopify store. The tutorial covers essential topics such as identifying discount objectives, segmenting customers, determining discount types, setting discount parameters, and measuring the success of discount campaigns.

Additionally, it also includes insights into common discount pitfalls to avoid so you can implement personalised discount strategies without compromising on profitability. By learning how to use personalised discounts as a powerful marketing tool, you can attract new customers, incentivise purchases and nurture strong customer relationships.

Shopify tutorial: Shopify Learning Center: How to Create a Personalised Discount Strategy
Cost: Free
Format: Video

AdRoll Blog: How to Promote Your Shopify Store

AdRoll’s “How to Promote Your Shopify Store” is a tutorial that covers all the different ways to market your store on different digital platforms. From social media to email marketing, Google display ads, websites and paid search — you’ll learn how each of these platforms contributes to brand visibility, attracting targeted traffic and driving sales.

What to expect:
This Shopify tutorial is split into 5 sections, each covering a specific digital marketing platform. For each section, AdRoll provides recommendations and tips on how you can promote your Shopify store on the specific platform. This includes types of advertisements you can run, targeting options as well as going into detail about the specific nuances about the platform. For example, influencer marketing on social media or contextual advertising for display ads.

After the tutorial, you can expect to gain a solid understanding of the fundamental strategies and techniques used to promote a Shopify store — such as defining target audiences, creating compelling content, optimising product listings, leveraging social media platforms, implementing email marketing, and utilising influencer partnerships. Helping you to confidently navigate the world of digital marketing and make use of promotional techniques to grow your online presence and achieve your promotional goals.

Shopify tutorial: AdRoll Blog: How to Promote Your Shopify Store
Cost: Free
Format: Web article


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