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Ernest Lim
I recently enrolled in Firstcom Academy's 2.5 days course and it was a very enriching and educating experience. The course covered up-to-date content that would be useful in the workplace. The instructor was very clear with her instructions and the pace of the class was perfect, so I never felt lost or left behind.
Royston Property
It was a very enriching and educating experience during my 2.5 days course with FirstCom Academy. The course contents is up to date. The delivery by its experienced trainer is easily absorbed with relevant case studies and hands on demonstration. I look forward to sign up other courses soon.
Sunny Lim
My first time attending a course on driving traffics with social media ads and I am impressed with the training facilities. The classroom is spacious. Wifi and power outlets are ample. The trainer is very well versed in the topic and we learn through lots of engagement and participation. I look forward to joining their other courses.
Nazura Huda
My first time attending such courses and in this 2 days, the trainer Daryl was engaging and enthusiastic! The class was interactive with practical sessions and group work which help us to get to know each other better too.
Frank Cho
Well organized training with a spacious and well-equipped venue. Content was relevant and our trainer, Linda, was really engaging and knowledgeable. She wasn't just interested in going through the slides but in making it relevant to our individual industries.
Wayne Law
Tucked away in the industrial area, Firstcom exceeded my expectations as a digital marketing course provider. The courses are practical and the assessment process is robust and not easy. But knowledge retention is very high after an intense 2 or 2 and half day course. Highly recommended for people looking for quick start in social media marketing
Robin Soh
Attended course for social media marketing with video content with First com Academy. The trainer is professional and gives good insight and advice on setting up Social Media marketing. Will be looking forward to more courses with them
Livewell Prime
When I first saw about the course, I was optical about it. But a consultant called and discuss with her expertise advised. I sign up for this social media with Video content and I find it help me to improve on my social media skill. After this course I’ll start be more focus and planning 🤗🤗
Candice Choong
I enrolled for a course that teaches how to run successful Facebook ad campaigns. The trainer Moses Simon is experienced, friendly, helpful with a great sense of humor. The course is useful for those who are looking to market their businesses effectively and strategically. It was a positive first for me and I look forward to participating in another helpful, relevant course conducted by FirstCom for both professional and personal development. :)
Billy Yu
Good training venue and classroom is conducive for learning. Trainer is able to control the pace of the lesson very well and the admin support was fantastic, I was unable to attend the earlier training due to Perosnal reason, the admin rescheduled me to the next class and was very prompt in assisting me with the course registration. Good job 👍
Joan Ng
Daryl is a great and knowledgeable trainer which he was able to share us examples and experience that he has gained over the years in the industry. His lesson are easy to understand and with his tips I am able to bring back these knowledge and skills sets to my workplace place or use it in the future. Thank you !
Ivy Tsy
Enjoyed the first course with Firstcom. Breakfast-lunch- tea break are all provided. 2 locations for learners to choose from. Also, Trainer Fern is knowledgeable and provides good info throughout the course itself. The admin ladies are also exceptionally helpful.
Wai Khin
Attended the Digital Marketing course conducted by Paul Lim. I must say, I enjoyed throughout the whole session. Paul made the course interesting, easy to understand and shared a lot of insights on each of the digital marketing channels. Will definitely attend his other courses in the future.
Evelyn C
Firstcom has far exceeded my expectations as a training provider. The course I took covered more than I thought and has a perfect balance of practical and theoretical content. I am genuinely confident and ready to apply my newfound knowledge and skills as a media professional. Daryl the trainer is clearly passionate about what he does. All in all, worth every cent. My only gripe would be the venue, which is in an industrial area and can be a bit hard to locate. Maybe complimentary parking coupons for us learners would be nice. :-)
Herry Oscar
It was a very enriching and informative experience during my 2.5 days course with FirstCom Academy. The course contents is up to date. The trainer - Mr Simon Moses is so experienced that his sharing is easily absorbed with relevant case studies and hands on demonstration. I will definitely recommend friends.
Kelvin Koh
Attended a digital marketing course by Sandra and it was very good. Class is well organized and good communication throughout. Meals and snacks were provided and the classrooms at the Woodlands branch is very new, clean and well equipped.
Sarah Elle
Such an Amazing google analytic class. Went in with close to no knowledge but came out with great foundation to understanding about GA. Now I can talk to my media agency with a lot more confidence, and also become an adviser and a solution provider not just for my media agency, but also to clients as well.
Anita M.
My first time taking a course with Firstcom. The Presentation is clear & generated good understanding & discussion. Our Trainer, Mr Paul Tan is knowledgeable in the field. Will come back again for other module. Thank you.
Chew yen Lee
Although this training is a bit tough for me as i had little IT knowledge, luckily my lecturer Paul Lim is patient enough to guide me through the whole lesson. The whole lesson is fun and enjoyable as Paul tend to caught hold of the class attention well.
Yvonne Leong
Lively and practical course on how to better use and manage Facebook as a marketing tool for businesses. Daryl is a very knowledgeable and approachable trainer. Glad to have attended. Thumbs up! 👍👍👍
Swee Seng Sik
Firstcom’s admin support had been very helpful and prompt. Priscilla contacted me to share in details before I decided to join. The trainer conducting the course was also very experienced and she shared more than what the curriculum required of her.
Amirah Azmi
Great course. Trainer delivers! I thought I was gonna get bored as I haven't been learning in a classroom setting for quite some time but I ended up enjoying myself and was looking forward to learning more in Day 2!
Barry Seah
Very detailed in depth knowledge I learnt other than just technical know how, the trainer covers on mindset which is something I wasn't expecting. It is my first time attending their course and I am amazed how it is. Good Job.
Tej Kumar
He is the best trainer. He make us understand clearly. He is very patient. I will definitely recommend my friend to take his class. I will definitely be successful because of Daryl Kang. I might take another course here if he is the trainer
Rachel Dian
The course was great! Linda was helpful and engaging throughout the 3 days. The course brings people from different backgrounds together to learn and understand marketing from an expert’s POV. Definitely recommended!
Choon wei
It was a very enriching and educating experience during my 2.5 days course with FirstCom Academy. The delivery by its experienced trainer is easily absorbed with relevant case studies and hands on demonstration. I look forward to sign up other courses soon.
Hazel Si Min
The tools introduced during the class was useful and will be applicable for future use. The trainer is patient in explaining and given sufficient examples to allow the class to understand. Overall a pleasant experience.
Linet Paul
Trainer Daryl Kang is someone who is helpful and willing to teach us until we fully understand. He also makes class very fun by having group activities for us to participate in. Will definitely join his future classes.
Serene Yap
Attended a Google SEM training course with Mr. Paul Lim, and I’m already interested in other courses which he will be conducting. He’s experienced and a practitioner. He’s patient in class and he is able to engage learners one by one. Going extra miles to clarify queries posted by the class, excellent.
Ameer Sevener
• Course registration is very transparent and smooth. Used skillsfuture credit and PSEA account. • Trainer is knowledgeable and experienced. Goes into details and also explained generally how things are usually practiced/applied in the real world. • Curriculum is short & precise. Not long nor dry. • You will definitely leave the course with new skills that is applicable to your business.
Larry Huynh
Training was well organized. Materials were very relevant and useful for references. The trainer Moses is very knowledgeable and patient. Gained useful knowledge from the training and trainer. Will consider taking other programs from Firstcom Academy in future.
Michelle Tan
I enjoyed the effective selling skills class at FirstCom Academy by trainer Paul Lim. It was insightful and useful. I also liked the breakfast and snacks served. It was nice to get frequent breaks to refresh our minds and build our energy. Highly recommended.
Faris Iskandar
Very good program to know more about social media marketing. Very informative and have given an insight to how we will change our marketing strategy. Trainer is knowledgeable and also great in providing real time data of the current happenings in the world
Ong Yi Xue
I took a 3-day course for Tiktok Fundamentals & running advertisements on tiktok. It was an insightful experience as I got to learn how to run advertisements & curate content that could be appealing to the audience. Trainer Sandra also explained the content well, which made it easy for us to understand the content!
Mandy Ng
After completing the programme, I definitely have a better understanding on how to run a more successful Facebook Ad. The trainer, Mo is very helpful and is able to answer most of my questions. It was very convenient to reach the location as free shuttle bus was provided. It makes travelling and attending the course more pleasant. Will enrol in some other courses they provide.
Andra Tay
Attended a 2.5 days course (about Facebook Ads) with FirstCom Academy by Daryl. Topics were covered in depth and Daryl even made the effort to go beyond what was on the slides to share real-life examples and experience. Useful skills and tips that can be applied in real-life. Highly recommended.
Randall Foo
Great learning experience to know more about meta business suite and Facebook ads manager. Learning was made fun and manageable with Fern Deng who made things easy to grasp and quick to pick up.
Meizeng Chew
I have attended 2.5 days social media marketing with video course conducted by trainer- Fern Deng at Firstcom Academy. Trainer has good knowledge and answered most of my questions. Firstcom Academy also provide transport to the training centre and refreshments. It is good for one who wish to learn basic social media course with hands on practice.

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