Digital Tech & Critical Soft Skills Certification Courses

Master high-demand skill sets like Digital Marketing, Google Marketing, Social Media Advertising and essential Soft Skills in just 2.5 days with these SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) eligible courses. Stand out from the competition and secure that raise, promotion or dream job that you’ve always aspired to have.
One-Day Effective Coaching of Employees
Transform your team's dynamics with effective coaching skills. Learn to build trust, inspire growth, and apply industry-leading coaching techniques. Empower yourself to create coaching plans that drive measurable and positive outcomes.
Critical Soft Skills Achieve Sales Targets With Proven Techniques
Take charge of your sales journey with proven techniques to achieve sales targets. Discover how to refine your sales strategy, from setting realistic goals based on insightful data to streamlining the sales pipeline while supporting your efforts with targeted marketing campaigns.
One-Day Introduction to Metaverse
Learn how to navigate the Metaverse and discover profitable opportunities. Gain essential skills in Virtual Reality (VR), Blockchain, and more to engage in virtual worlds.