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Our Company Culture

Our employees’ experiences reflect a workplace that values professional achievement, personal well-being, and community. This authentic perspective from within proves the positive environment we are committed to maintaining, where everyone feels valued, supported, and part of a larger family.

At FirstCom Academy, we believe that the most accurate reflection of our work culture comes directly from our people. Contrary to platforms like Glassdoor, where anyone can leave a review anonymously, we focus on real experiences shared by our team. Our employees are living proof of the supportive culture we’ve carefully nurtured. 

Hear From Our Long-serving Employees

Lynn Wong
General Manager | 10 years

Working as the General Manager at FirstCom Academy Singapore has been an enriching journey that has allowed me to contribute to the growth and success of our institution in the adult education industry.

From overseeing strategic initiatives to fostering a collaborative team environment, every aspect of my role has been both challenging and rewarding. Of course, leading a team also means fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment where everyone can thrive. I take great pride in providing mentorship and guidance to my colleagues, empowering them to reach their full potential and contribute to the success of our academy.

Overall, my experience as the General Manager of FirstCom Academy Singapore has been incredibly fulfilling, and I look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in the adult education sector.

Daryl Ng
Training Advisory Manager | 5 years

My work experience with FirstCom Academy over the past 5 years as a Sales Manager has been positive and fulfilling thanks to the helpful and friendly work culture among fellow colleagues.

The environment is fast-paced as we have sales targets to achieve, but there is always training and guidance available to assist you in achieving your targets. Fair chances and opportunities are given to anyone who puts in effort and performs well in their roles regardless of age, educational background, or work experience.

Best of all, not only is the basic salary comparable to the market rate, but there are also commissions and incentives given on a monthly basis. This is the best environment for anyone who is willing to work hard to earn substantial income as a Sales role.

Priscilla Tay
Curriculum Developer | 7 years

Working at FirstCom as a Curriculum Developer has been an eye-opener for me. There’s real room to grow professionally, which is pretty rare, and what’s great is how management genuinely roots for your achievements. They’re always there to guide, not micromanage. 

And the team? It’s competitive, sure, but in the best way possible. We all strive to outdo ourselves, not each other! It’s this perfect mix of ambition and support that makes coming to work every day both rewarding and fun. 

Julian Soh - Web Designer

Working at FirstCom Academy is both rewarding and invigorating. With friendly colleagues and supportive superiors encouraging growth through idea and feedback exchange, there’s a strong sense of value and openness. Team collaboration and embracing diverse viewpoints are important here. This environment makes every day a learning opportunity.

Furthermore, the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence drives us all to strive for the best.

Phone - Performance Marketing Manager

Over the past three years at FirstCom Academy, I’ve grown so much as a Performance Marketing Manager. The path to career advancement is a tangible reality, backed by unwavering support and guidance at every turn.

The learning environment here is top-notch thanks to a culture that values skill development. Here, our family-like atmosphere drives productivity and brings us all closer to collective success!

Leon Goh - Corporate Sales

In my role as a Training Advisory Executive at FirstCom Academy, employee welfare is a top priority, and it shows. From the delightful Monday treats that kickstart our week to the regular check-ins about our work progress, the company ensures we feel valued and heard.

Additionally, the availability of comprehensive in-house training programmes allows me to continuously enhance my skills and stay ahead of industry trends. 

Jordan - Corporate Sales

As a Training Advisory Executive at FirstCom Academy, I was welcomed into a good support system. The management team is approachable and genuinely invested in my growth, while my colleagues are collaborative and supportive. 

The company is goal-oriented and performance-centric, with a strong emphasis on career advancement and personal development. They equip us with the necessary tools and opportunities to succeed.

Pai Si Jian (Programmer)

Working at FirstCom Academy feels like being at the heart of a transformative hub. Everyone is friendly and eager to work together towards success. The pace is quick, sure, but that’s what keeps us driven and ready for new challenges.

What I value most is our cross-departmental collaboration, where we combine the talents of our web and mobile teams to develop a shared learning experience that helps us achieve our goals. 

Xavier Low - Producer

As Head of Production at FirstCom Academy, my experience has been extraordinary. Each day offers new growth opportunities. Our results-driven team excels in focus and motivation, striving to achieve our goals. 

The open culture here means conversations with colleagues and management are effortless, and sharing ideas is a natural part of our daily interaction.

Jeff Chong - Designer

FirstCom Academy is my professional creative playground. We are all encouraged to chase after new and exciting concepts. There’s a great deal of learning across departments, which makes us better at what we do. 

Speaking of growth, it’s been unreal. In just four years, I’ve advanced from a Designer to Social Media Design Lead, and now I’m proudly steering our entire team as a Senior Designer.

Denise Poh - Operations

Joining the team at FirstCom Academy opens up a world of advancement opportunities that are always within reach. The leaders place a strong emphasis on mentorship, going beyond mere supervision. 

Being an active member of the D&D committee has been a particular highlight for me, as it enables me to enrich our company culture. 

Kelly Tan - Learning Concierge

There’s a clear path to move up in your career at FirstCom Academy, which is super motivating. Our leadership team, alongside my colleagues, is always there to provide me with insights and assistance. And it’s not just about the workthe monthly treats are a delightful bonus, which is a nice perk that shows the company cares about our welfare.

Kai Jie - Corporate Sales

Working as a Training Advisory Executive is both challenging and fulfilling. The nature of my role has demanded a lot from me, pushing me to stretch my capabilities and think on my feet. 

Our work environment is highly focused on achieving results, with our efforts directed towards well-defined, attainable goals. 

Calister Tan - Corporate Sales

From day one, I was encouraged to set personal and professional goals that aligned with the broader objectives of the academy. This results-driven mindset has instilled in me a sense of purpose and urgency, which I hadn’t experienced in my previous roles.

Every achievement is acknowledged and celebrated, whether through praise in meetings or tangible rewards like awards and bonuses. It’s rewarding to be part of a team that genuinely appreciates dedication and success.

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