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Success Stories

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Rachel Wong - Garbkotech Innovations
Chief Marketing Officer (Co-Founder)
Meet Rachel Wong - the Co-Founder of Garbkotech Innovations, the Number One IOT Smart Building Facility Management Solutions Provider in Singapore.

Aside from daily business operations. Rachel is the also the Chief Marketing Officer. In order to be kept up to date with the latest Digital trends, Rachel signed up for Digital Marketing courses with FirstCom Academy to equip herself with practical in-demand digital skillsets to improve her business’s digital marketing strategy.
Leon See - The Brand x Up Co
Co-Founder & Director
Meet Leon, Co Founder of The Brand X Up Co, a company focused on growing the Training and Coaching industry through providing training support & consultancy services.

With the increase in demand of clients enquiring for digital marketing services, Leon felt the need to equip himself with TikTok marketing skillsets to learn how to tap on the fastest growing social media platform to market for his clients.
Lance Ong - Magic Cross
Psychic Angel Reader
Meet Lance Ong, founder and angel reader of Magic Cross - A psychic reading company in Singapore.

Initially apprehensive of doing video marketing, Lance was convinced after attending out 2.5 days TikTok Marketing course. Taught by trainers that are master of their craft and brilliant in their skills, the course provided lance with a fast tracked up-skilling mean with real concrete experience and skill within a short period of time.
William Hong - Huttons Real Estate Group
Real Estate Agent
Meet William Hong, a real estate agent from Huttons Group who has been in the Real estate industry for over 4 years.

Initially when William first entered the industry, traditional marketing was the way to go. William signed up for Google Marketing courses with FirstCom Academy to learn how to better optimise his Google ad campaigns to achieve better results and to have a better understanding of how well his ads are performing.
Benjamin Cheng - Fresh Graduate
SIM Global Education - RMIT University
Meet Benjamin Cheng, a Fresh Graduate with Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Singapore Institute Of Management, Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology.

In Benjamin’s opinion, formal education is important but he still wants to continue to learn more to value add his portfolio. Recognising that Digital Marketing is essential for every business, he chose to pick up Digital Marketing skillset to open up himself for more job opportunities!

After completing the courses at FirstCom Academy, Benjamin is now more confident to secure better job opportunities with the recognised certificates awarded after course completion!
Alex Kong
Freelance Content Writer
Meet Alex Kong, a freelance content writer that is always on the lookout to equip himself with valuable skillsets to be a Jack of all trades!

With the rise of artificial intelligence, many skills becomes replaceable. Recognising the importance and potential of digital marketing, Alex took the opportunity to upskill and equip himself with in-demand digital Skillsets. 🔥
Nigel Tan - Huttons Group
Real Estate Agent
Meet Nigel Tan, a Real Estate Agent from Huttons Group who has been in the industry for over 4 years.

Coming from a traditional real estate company, Nigel used traditional marketing means to gather his leads. Overtime, he wanted to find a more efficient and better way to qualify his leads and this is where Digital Marketing came into place. He was referred by a fellow realtor who recommended him the SEO & SEM course. Learning from industry experts with a more direct and localised approach equipped him with the skills to apply what he learned directly to optimising his Google ad campaigns.
Finn Tan - Top Image Hair & Beauty Academy
Hair Stylist
Meet Finn, a hair stylist who has been in the industry for over 10 years.

With long working hours and weekends sacrificed, Finn made the decision to pick up digital marketing as a new skill as he feels that it is an essential and important skillset to have for all industries. After attending the social media courses and google marketing programmes, Finn is planning to use the certificates awarded to apply for a job in the digital marketing industry.
Eleanor Ng - Fellowes SG
Business Owner
Meet Eleanor Ng - the Business Owner of Fellowes SG, a company that strives to provide home, workplace and mobile technology solutions for a world with an ever-changing need for innovation.

Eleanor signed up for Digital Marketing courses with FirstCom Academy to equip herself with relevant in-demand digital skillsets to help run her own business’s Social Media platform with plans to work with Marketing agency moving forward.

Eleanor signed up for Digital Marketing courses with FirstCom Academy to equip herself with relevant in-demand digital skillsets to help run her own business’s Social Media platform with plans to work with Marketing agency moving forward.

Here’s Why Learners Trust Us

Axton Yong
Assistant Manager
Corporate Advisory
This was a brilliant workshop delivered by a real expert in the field. It has covered a vast amount of useful content and I definitely feel I have broadened my horizons of digital and content marketing knowledge.
Assistant Manager
Petite Fleur SG Pte Ltd
I had an eventful course with FirstCom Academy. I received in depth information on content marketing and how to do it efficiently. The course materials included many examples that were really helpful for us to use in the real world. Thankful I went for this course. Thank you for the great course.
Krishnapuram Venkatachar Godha
Social Media Marketing & Create attractive video content is a good course to attend for beginners who are using social media to promote their business. The syllabus covered by Firstcom is interesting and helps you to learn the basics . Will recommend to friends.
Edwin Ho
Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager
URG Pte Ltd
In my 2-day course, various strategies from the early Internet days to the current popular use of social media were shared, and my class was able to learn hands-on with content strategies and presentations. I recommend the Level-up Digital Marketing through Content Strategies by FirstCom to both experienced and newcomers to the marketing industry.
Alvin Lam
Assistant Manager
Top Shop Electronics
I am not well versed about the social media but through FirstCom Academy, Vanessa has been a really great help in opening up my ideas and going in depth about content marketing strategy for social media platforms. Thank you all for the hard work and teachings!
William Hong
Real Estate Consultant
Huttons Real Estate Group
The 3 days course was well organized with our trainer CF being very clear and detailed in delivering the course. With his input, i realised that my ad campaign was not optimized and wasted hundred of dollars on inrelevant keywords. Immediately, i made adjustment accordingly to remove them. This mistake will not be recitfied without attending this course.

Will definitely recommend to learners who are keen on advertising through google platform.
Nigel Tan
Real Estate Consultant
Huttons Real Estate Group
I would like to thank the trainer for the extremely enriching and useful course. I have learnt many new information that I can apply to my work place to further enhance my marketing ad campaigns. Trainer was effective and yet still kept the class light hearted and casual.
Ernest Lim
I recently enrolled in Firstcom Academy's 2.5 days course and it was a very enriching and educating experience. The course covered up-to-date content that would be useful in the workplace. The instructor was very clear with her instructions and the pace of the class was perfect, so I never felt lost or left behind.
Hannah Chan
Did the Google SEO Course and it was very well facilitated. Great for working adults as it’s only a 2.5 day course, yet comprehensive enough. Good learning environment. Trainer Paul Tan was really knowledgeable and helpful in guiding the class. Would recommend! Thank you!
Christina Koh
I took part in Search Engine Marketing with Google Display Network course and was taught by Linda. Her experience in Singapore marketing has shown me different way of approach I can apply on my own business. Most importantly, I find it more relevance to my work. Gain so much from it. She is also very friendly and willing to share her expertise even though it is not course related. Will definitely recommend my friends and family to attend her course.
Dania Hassan
Took the course "Taking Impactful Photos for Digital Marketing". It was an interesting course that is very useful in giving a basic understanding on photography and simple photo editing. Trainer Keith is well-spoken, friendly and approachable. He provides easy understanding of photography concepts that can be used for visual marketing. He is also helpful in giving direction and ideas that are relevant to each individual/business. Overall, a great interactive class for beginners to photography for small businesses.
Cara Loh
I like that the classroom (Woods Square) has natural lighting and is spacious. Moses our instructor is both engaging and insightful. He shares more than what the notes provide and I appreciate that there is an opportunity for us to do group work to enhance our learning. I've made new friends and overall the class was memorable because of the students and great lecturer!
Candice Choong
I enrolled for a course that teaches how to run successful Facebook ad campaigns. The trainer Moses Simon is experienced, friendly, helpful with a great sense of humor. The course is useful for those who are looking to market their businesses effectively and strategically. It was a positive first for me and I look forward to participating in another helpful, relevant course conducted by FirstCom for both professional and personal development. :)
Kamaludin Sasman
For a person with no background experience in Digital Marketing stuff, I must say that the learning materials was clear and concise. Not to forget that the trainer also made it easy to understand. All you got to do is ask questions and they will answer them if you’re unsure about the topics involved. Overall course was great. Recommended.
Siti F.
Overall a valuable experience attending Social Media Marketing course. I've attended 3 of the classes and I highly recommend instructors Jeff Goh, Daryl Kang and Moses Simon. All the instructors provide sufficient tools and educational materials to guide us in learning.

There were also multiple informative emails to remind you about the class in advance.
Kristalbel Chua
Course notes are extensive and helpful. The class format also includes group activities which makes it engaging and interactive. Instructors also share relevant tools that can be used in our application.
Barry Seah
Very detailed in depth knowledge I learnt other than just technical know how, the trainer covers on mindset which is something I wasn't expecting. It is my first time attending their course and I am amazed how it is. Good Job.
Irfan Rasid
Great experience on first course here. They have an amazing lecturer, very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and always go to the extra mile and have more patience to help and understand his students. Grateful to get this type of lecturer as not only he is teaching you, but also socialise with the students. Highly recommended to attend courses at Firstcom Academy.