Eugene Chow

With over a decade of experience in the rapidly evolving world of technology, Eugene possesses extensive expertise in cybersecurity, cloud platform development, digital marketing, and tech leadership. Throughout his career, he has recognised the pivotal role of training, personally mentoring interns and new hires as they enter the industry.

After gaining valuable experience in various roles and industries, Eugene ventured into adult education, conducting workshops on Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Cybersecurity. His teaching philosophy revolves around fostering a passion for learning within each individual and ensuring that learners can immediately apply their knowledge through hands-on practice. Leveraging his profound understanding of the various aspects of digital marketing, he delivers impactful and comprehensive lessons.

Eugene’s aspiration is to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of his learners, whom he envisions as the next generation of trailblazers. He firmly believes that learning is a lifelong pursuit and is determined to empower individuals to embrace this journey, propelling the world of technology into a brighter and more promising future.