Qisti Razan Putra

As an ACLP-certified trainer, Qisti Razan Putra is a highly passionate and accomplished educator with a wealth of experience in both the Education industry and Info-Comm Technology.

Drawing from his international background as a Business Development Executive, Operations Manager, Programmes Manager, and CSR Chairman, Qisti empowers learners to grasp the significance of aligning internal and external stakeholders while nurturing a strong brand identity in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With a commendable track record as a Trainer in the Seniors Go Digital programme and an Outdoor Education Instructor, Qisti’s expertise extends beyond traditional classroom settings.

In addition to his role at FirstCom Academy, Qisti actively imparts Digital Skills and ICT knowledge in educational institutions and runs his own successful firm. Attending courses led by Qisti guarantees a wealth of valuable takeaways, as he creates a supportive and enjoyable learning environment that fosters a deep understanding of key concepts, objectives, and outcomes.