Kenneth Cheok

Bringing a decade’s worth of digital marketing experience, Kenneth excels in enhancing marketing engagement and driving growth. His journey spans various sectors, deepening his insights into meaningful client interactions. Alongside managing his family business, leading sales initiatives, and embarking on tech start-ups, his path notably highlights his self-taught proficiency in digital marketing, showcasing his proactive quest for knowledge.

As an ACTA-certified instructor with a distinctive and imaginative teaching approach, Kenneth stands out in guiding adult learners starting from scratch. He prioritises patience, catering to those who are new to the subject, ensuring they swiftly grasp the essentials. Moreover, he kicks off each session by connecting the subject to participants’ businesses, setting a foundation for immediate understanding.

As a trainer at FirstCom Academy, Kenneth’s dedication extends to self-improvement enthusiasts, as he underscores the topics’ significance within digital marketing’s broader landscape. His ability to simplify complex ideas and strategies ensures deep comprehension for students.