Daryl Kang

With more than 10 years in the digital marketing and content creation industry, Daryl has honed a distinctive blend of skills in digital strategy and aesthetic design. His belief that impactful graphic design is deeply rooted in digital marketing goals has led him to create works that not only stand out visually but also effectively resonate with audiences.

In his role as Art Director at FirstCom Solutions, Daryl has managed high-profile projects for renowned Singaporean brands such as Ichiban Boshi, Four Seasons Durian, Origins Healthfood, and Jinjja Chicken. His expertise extends to crafting courses that mirror Singapore’s real-world business scenarios, emphasizing the transfer of practical skills to learners.

As a WSQ ACLP certified trainer with industry certifications from Adobe and Facebook, Daryl’s extensive background in digital marketing, content creation, and soft skills like presentation, selling techniques, and people management uniquely positions him as a trainer at FirstCom Academy. He integrates AI applications into marketing, communication, and content creation, offering learners a holistic view of the industry from the dual perspectives of a seasoned practitioner and an innovative graphic designer.