Christopher Puan

As a photographer and digital marketer, Chris provides perspective on two distinct but closely related fields. Combining his knowledge in both areas, he is a jack of all trades who helps SMEs grow their revenue through customised digital marketing strategies.

Chris spent three years in Japan working as a corporate trainer and photographer — most notably at a kimono rental business where he was responsible for photoshoots and growing the company’s customer base using social media marketing, paid social media ad campaigns and Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). He also runs his own training school in Japan teaching digital marketing and photography.

Back in Singapore, Chris is an ACLP-trained facilitator. In his FirstCom Academy courses, apart from teaching learners how to take impactful photos with their smartphone as well as digital marketing fundamentals, Chris also specialises in teaching Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Learners can expect a wealth of digital marketing knowledge gleaned from real-world campaigns, as well as tips to enhance online visuals from an experienced photographer.