SkillsFuture Fundings And Subsidies
Available To Support Upskilling

Understand available SkillsFuture credits and grants to fund your upskilling. Get details on subsidised courses for career enhancement.

What is SkillsFuture Singapore?

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is a government agency in Singapore whose key focus is to promote a culture of lifelong learning and the pursuit of skills mastery among Singaporeans. Its initiatives provides Singaporeans and Permanent Residents with support for lifelong learning and skill mastery through generous grants and funding, equipping them with skills demanded by current and future economies.

SkillsFuture also collaborates closely with employers, education institutions and industries to develop meaningful training programmes that meet sector-specific needs.

Learn how you can apply the available schemes and grants to significantly reduce the cost of acquiring new skills that would allow you to enter a new sector or job role, or even increase your chances at getting a promotion.

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SkillsFuture Initiatives and Eligibility

The SkillsFuture intiatives provide Singaporeans and Permanent Residents with course fundings such as subsidies and credits that can be used when enrolling in SkillsFuture-supported courses such as web design, presentation skills, social media marketing, manpower management, and more.

SkillsFuture Subsidy

SkillsFuture Subsidy –
Up to 70% Upfront Funding Support

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents can receive up to 70% upfront SkillsFuture Subsidy for courses offered by SSG-appointed Training Providers and Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centres.

Singaporeans Aged 21 to 39 and PRs

50% Upfront SkillsFuture Subsidy

Singapore Citizens Aged 40 and Above

50% Upfront SkillsFuture Subsidy

SkillsFuture Credit

SkillsFuture Credit –
Up to $1,500 for Singaporeans Aged 25 and Above

Introduced in 2015, all eligible Singaporeans initially received an opening credit of S$500. Additionally, a one-off top-up of S$500 was provided to every Singapore Citizen aged 25 and above as of 31 December 2020. This credit can be used on top of existing government course subsidies for a wide range of approved skills-related courses, including those subsidized or approved by SkillsFuture Singapore.

The government periodically provides top-ups to Singaporean’s SkillsFuture Credits, allowing you to continue investing in your personal and professional development throughout your career.

Category Requirement Amount Expiry
Opening Credit Singaporeans aged 25 S$500 Does not expire
One-off SkillsFuture Credit Top-Up Singaporeans aged 25 and above as at 31 December 2020. S$500 Expires on 31 Dec 2025
Additional SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career Support) Singaporeans Aged 40 to 60 (inclusive) as at 31 December 2020. S$500 Expires on 31 Dec 2025

Credits are not transferable between individuals since the SkillsFuture Credit is meant to encourage all Singaporeans to learn for life and to take personal ownership of their lifelong learning path.

You can check your SkillsFuture balance or learn how to utilise your SkillsFuture credits here.

SkillsFuture Subsidy SkillsFuture Subsidy SkillsFuture Subsidy

Additional Training Grants and Support Available

On top of the SkillsFuture Subsidy and SkillsFuture Credits, Singaporeans can also benefit from other initiatives such as:

Mid-Career Support Package – Citizens aged 40 and above get an additional $500 credit to support their mid-career skills upgrading.

Post Secondary Education Account(PSEA) – if you are below 30 and have unused education savings in your Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA), you can also use those funds to offset SkillsFuture course fees. Unused PSEA savings will be transferred to your CPF account once you turn 30. Check your PSEA balance here.

NTUC UTAP – NTUC UTAP members have up to 50% auto reimbursement on out-of-pocket cost.

Affordable Prices with Generous Subsidies

Here are some examples of how you can utilise the available fundings and support when you enroll with FirstCom Academy:


Example 1 – John, 28

John, 28, used $300 of his SkillsFuture Credit to take up Facebook and Instagram advertisement course. As he had unused PSEA credits, he offset the remaining $700 course fees using his PSEA. In total, he paid $10.80(One-time registration fee) for training valued at $1,296 (incl. GST)!


Example 2 – Jane, 48

Jane, 48, signed up for Effective People Management course. As she is over 40, Jane received a huge subsidy of 70% off the original $950.40 (incl. GST) course fees. She paid only $10.80 (one-time registration fee) after enjoying from her SkillsFuture Subsidy, Mid-Career Support, and SkillsFuture Credit.


Example 3 – Ryan, 35

Ryan, aged 35, works in public relations within the infocomm sector. Despite not qualifying for the SkillsFuture Credit, he enrolled in a Google Search Engine Marketing course. Fortunately, he was able to obtain a subsidy covering 50% of his course fees thanks to the SkillsFuture Subsidy scheme.