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Empower Your Career with Digital Tech Skills:

From digital marketing to cybersecurity and leadership, these in-demand skills make you a highly sought-after candidate. To thrive in this ever-evolving landscape, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve by investing in the development of digital tech skills.

By doing so, you can position yourself as a top contender and significantly increase your chances of securing lucrative opportunities.

Increased Employability

Digital tech skills add tremendous value to your professional profile, demonstrating your eagerness to learn, adapt, and grow. Employers actively seek individuals who possess these skills as they can contribute to the success of their organizations.

Improved Productivity

The possession of in-demand digital tech skills can propel your career advancement and provide you with a competitive edge. Employers are keen to hire professionals who can make an immediate and significant impact.

Adaptability and Job Security

With the right set of digital tech skills, you become an indispensable asset to your organization. Your ability to leverage technology effectively and drive digital transformation makes you a prime candidate for climbing the corporate ladder.

Career Advancement

Learning digital skills can lead to future job opportunities and advancements as companies look for experienced specialists in digital roles.

Need to equip Singaporeans with in-demand skills as uncertainties shake job market: Tan See Leng

“We have got to then invest significantly into our own local people, to help them upskill,” said Dr Tan, adding that Singapore also has to bring in leading global firms and top talent from abroad to plug the current gaps.

Workers have to take charge of their own career journey, including having the desire to refresh their skills and keep up-to-date with new developments, he said.
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Digital marketing professionals high in demand amidst SG talent crunch

Due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic that caused a severe lack of mobility and restrictions on face-to-face transactions, many local businesses across several sectors all throughout Singapore underwent a critical digital transformation.

All this change and transformation has brought a new generation of marketers to the fore, where a marketer will need to be more creative, analytical, technical, fluid, and collaborative. Marketing is one of the most diverse areas with a myriad of opportunities.
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“They must go further to source for talent beyond traditional academic profiles.”
– Education Minister Chan Chun Sing

Expand your career horizons with industry-recognized certifications from FirstCom Academy. With SkillsFuture WSQ Statements of Attainment under the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) for each completed programme, you’ll have tangible proof of your competence that employers value.

Firms prioritise skills over academic qualifications, say top leaders from Google and LinkedIn

Source: Source:
Employers are on the hunt for skills beyond academic grades in job candidates, said two head honchos at tech firms Google and LinkedIn.

Responding to a student who asked at a forum how skills can be measured aside from looking at grades, Mr Ben King, Google’s country manager for Singapore, said the company looks for attributes apart from what job applicants may have studied or knowledge related to the roles they are applying for.

How Singaporean Edwin Toh landed a top job in Google despite not having a degree

Source: Source:
Employers are on the hunt for skills beyond academic grades in job candidates, said two head honchos at tech firms Google and LinkedIn.

Responding to a student who asked at a forum how skills can be measured aside from looking at grades, Mr Ben King, Google’s country manager for Singapore, said the company looks for attributes apart from what job applicants may have studied or knowledge related to the roles they are applying for.

Essential Digital Advertising & Soft Skills Programmes

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Social Media Advertising Programme

Google Marketing Programme

Digital Content Creator Programme

Facebook & Instagram Advertising
TikTok Fundamentals & Advertising
LinkedIn Marketing
TikTok E-Commerce: Selling on TikTok Shop
Marketing on Xiao Hong Shu
Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Learn best practices for setting up Facebook Ad Manager Account to start running advertisements
  • Determining the effectiveness of your advertisement campaign with metrics such as Reach, Impressions, Click Through-Rate & Conversion Rate
  • Understand advertisement placements on Facebook and where you should appear to reach out to your target audience
  • Find out what advertisements your competitors are running via Facebook Page Transparency
  • Protect your advertising budget by identifying low-performing advertisements and implement optimisation techniques to generate better results
TikTok Fundamentals & Advertising
  • Introduction to types of TikTok pages (personal / business) and how to create the respective pages for your marketing goals and objectives
  • Explore the in-built video editing functions on TikTok and create compelling videos with additions like filters, effects, stickers, texts and royalty-free music
  • Learn how to use free productivity software like TikTok Ads Manager to streamline and automate tasks during the management of ad campaigns
  • Plan, implement and evaluate an effective TikTok campaign that maximises Return-Of-Investment (ROI)
  • Understand how to use the report function on TikTok to collect and read data from past campaigns in order to optimise future campaigns and achieve better conversion rates
  • Introduction to TikTok creator marketplace
LinkedIn Marketing
  • Learn how to create a LinkedIn page from scratch and best practices to maintain a positive brand image for yourself or your company
  • Understand and use LinkedIn Campaign Manager to publish and manage ads
  • Understand and use LinkedIn Analytics to track and understand data on your page’s performance
  • Use integrated marketing automation tools like Canva/Hootsuite/Slideshare with LinkedIn to share content and increase audience engagement
  • Understand how to use metrics on LinkedIn Analytics to evaluate campaign effectiveness and calculate ROI
TikTok E-Commerce: Selling on TikTok Shop
  • Introduction to TikTok Shop and TikTok’s marketing features
  • Learn how to set up your TikTok Shop according to best practices
  • Understand how to use TikTok Seller Center to add products and link bank accounts
  • Learn how to use Seller Center to create promotions and vouchers for your TikTok Shop
  • Learn how to process and fulfill orders from TikTok Shop, from order confirmation to logistics deployment
  • Engage TikTok influencers for affiliate marketing to promote your brand on TikTok
  • Demonstration on how to use TikTok Live functions to start your own TikTok Live
Marketing on Xiao Hong Shu
  • Learn how to create and manage an account on Xiao Hong Shu
  • Learn how to analyse trends and developments in Chinese and overseas markets in order to identify international business opportunities
  • Identify and analyse the social and cultural factors that can impact Chinese and International marketing efforts
  • Develop targeted and localised marketing strategies aligned with language, cultural and social differences
  • Hands-on practical to use in-app photo and video editing features to create posts
  • Master optimisation strategies to maximise outreach of postings
  • Learn about the various types of advertising and e-commerce options on Xiao Hong Shu
  • Discover trending topics and identify key opinion leaders on the platform to improve the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns
Google Analytics
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Google Analytics
  • Learn Google Analytics best practices to set goals to monitor and evaluate traffic performance on your website
  • Analyse insights of visitor behaviour and optimise your website for goal conversions
  • Interpret marketing insights about competitors and market benchmarks to improve website performance for better lead / sales conversions
  • Learn how to create a Google Analytics account and install Google Analytics to your business website
  • Set up Google Analytics with customised tracking parameters such as installation of tracking code, grouping, setting of goals, linking Google Ads to Google Analytics
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Understand the difference between free and paid marketing on search engines
  • Learn the various paid marketing platforms and services available for businesses in Singapore, including Google Pay Per Click Campaigns, Google Display Network & Google Shopping Ads
  • Learn how to setup and launch Google Pay-Per-Click Campaign based on industry best practices
  • Identify poor-performing ads and optimisation techniques to improve ad performance
  • Determining profitability of Pay-Per-Click campaigns based on metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates and return on ad spend
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Understand how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works and how Google algorithm updates impact your website ranking
  • Conduct SEO audits as well as perform keyword research to identify potential keywords with high search demand
  • Manage and improve on-page SEO using title tags, domain URLs, meta descriptions and image optimisation to enhance visibility on SERPs
  • Explore off-page SEO strategies such as creation of valuable backlinks, social media marketing, guest content, forum posting, and local listing, to increase your website ranking on Google
  • Track, measure and improve ROI on SEO campaigns through keyword ranking reports
Improve Digital Marketing With Content Strategies
Create Attractive Animated Artworks with Powtoon
Take Impactful Photos with Your Smartphone
Social Media Marketing with Video Creation
Improve Digital Marketing With Content Strategies
  • Understand content types based on the latest market trends and how they can use to drive positive results
  • Learn what is digital storytelling and how it can convey your brand message
  • Learn how to conceptualize content ideas to achieve marketing goals
  • Learn how to create an effective content marketing campaign to increase traffic and conversions for higher sales and engagement
  • Analyze key insights and data from campaigns to produce better content for future campaigns
Create Attractive Animated Artworks with Powtoon
  • Develop a compelling storyboard for effective audience engagement
  • Learn how to create attractive animation artwork with easy-to-use free tools such as Canva and Powtoon to stand out from competitors
  • Hands-on practical session to create an animation artwork via Powtoon and Canva
  • Understand key principles of design and apply them to digital animations
  • Review and improve the created animation artwork to better meet business objectives
Take Impactful Photos with Your Smartphone
  • Develop a mood board to standardise how photos should be taken and portrayed to enhance uniformity and corporate identity
  • Apply photography techniques like the rule-of-third, depth-of-field, and framing to achieve your desired shot composition
  • Learn how to use your mobile phone camera in different environments (indoor and outdoor) and lighting conditions to achieve professional and high-quality photos for digital platforms and digital marketing
  • Hands-on practical session for both indoor and outdoor photo shoots to create compelling and attractive photos
  • Use free photo editing tools like Pixlr to edit and enhance photos for digital marketing
Social Media Marketing with Video Creation
  • Explore popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and more.
  • Identify which social media platform is ideal for your marketing goals
  • Learn how to set up and run effective social media campaigns to attract new customers and engage
    existing customers
  • Learn basic filming techniques to create professional looking videos with a smartphone
  • Learn how to use free video editing applications like InShot for post-production processes like adding
    enhancements and visual effects
  • Learn in-demand and practical skills you can apply to your work or side hustle — from industry
    professionals with on-the-ground job experience
  • Learn relevant strategies, tips and tricks directly from industry insiders to maximise your career
    prospects and make your resume more attractive to employers

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