How much time do you spend aimlessly scrolling on TikTok daily? 2 hours? 5 hours? For most users, it’s more than they would like to admit. However, what if you could convert that time into passive income for your interior design business?

Recent research suggests that the average TikTok user dedicates about 56 minutes daily to the platform in 2023. With over 1 billion active users globally, this presents a vast marketing opportunity for interior designers to showcase their skills.

Source: Oberlo Statistics

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Short Videos, Big Impact:

At the Singapore Interior Design Festival 2023, Moses, an intelligent and innovative trainer from FirstCom Academy, shared valuable techniques and suggestions to a group of committed interior designers on how to utilise TikTok to attract new clients.

The key lies in producing captivating short films that grip viewers as they navigate TikTok’s feed. Aim to craft videos that draw attention to your brand and projects.

Another excellent idea for your daily design videos could be tours of beautifully designed spaces. These could be homes, offices, restaurants, or any other space you’ve designed. Sharing the stories behind your design choices, the challenges you overcame, and the details that make the space unique would be of great interest to your followers. With a consistent and creative approach, your daily design videos could become a popular source of inspiration and education in the design community.

This video guides you on taking impactful photos and videos with your smartphone.


Let’s look at some mind-blowing stats Moses highlighted that showcase TikTok’s incredible value:

  • Over 1 billion monthly active TikTok users globally
  • An average user dedicates 56 minutes daily to TikTok
  • Top TikTok hashtag views can surpass billions

These remarkable figures highlight TikTok’s immense reach and dedicated user base. Interior designers can use this extremely active platform to showcase their talents and styles to a large audience.

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Why Interior Designers Should Leverage TikTok Now

The interior design sector on TikTok is thriving, with a variety of content ranging from engaging DIY tutorials to sophisticated architecture projects. Some of the most followed interior design hashtags on TikTok are #InteriorDesign, #interiordesignideas, #interiordesigntips, and #interiordesignstyles.

These hashtags collectively garner around 45 billion views, with #InteriorDesign alone boasting a whopping 38.9 billion views. This clearly reflects the immense popularity of such content. But why does the fusion of interior design and TikTok make for an enticing marketing strategy? Let’s delve deeper to understand this better.

1. The Rising Popularity of Interior Design on TikTok

Recently, interior design has experienced surging popularity on TikTok. The platform has propelled interior design from a quiet hobby to a vibrant online community. Interior designers can now reach millions of people who share their passion for functional and aesthetically appealing environments.

2. TikTok Audiences Love Aesthetics

TikTok users enjoy appealing visuals. Whether it’s the ideal selfie or a slick bedroom renovation, TikTok is all about aesthetics and showcasing beauty in many ways. Naturally, the interior design industry is a wonderful fit for this type of visual-focused platform where you can showcase visual beauty through projects and ideas.

3. Inspiring Home Transformations Through Instructional Content

TikTok has become a popular platform for interior designers to share instructional content that educates and empowers audiences. Instructional content taps into audiences aspirations by depicting achievable home makeovers. Through practical tips and actionable advice, designers can inspire creativity in others. For interior designers, TikTok presents a unique opportunity to engage audiences in an educational yet captivating way.


TikTok offers immense marketing potential for interior designers to educate, inspire and convert new clients. Consistent, value-driven content can make TikTok a steady source of passive income.

At FirstCom Academy, we offer short 2.5 day WSQ courses to equip interior designers with crucial digital marketing skills to thrive on platforms like TikTok. Our bite-sized courses make it easy to upgrade your digital marketing skills, whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your knowledge, you’ll gain actionable strategies to attract and convert clients.

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