Digital Tech & Critical Soft Skills Certification Courses

Master high-demand skill sets like Digital Marketing, Google Marketing, Social Media Advertising and essential Soft Skills in just 2.5 days with these SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) eligible courses. Stand out from the competition and secure that raise, promotion or dream job that you’ve always aspired to have.
Critical Soft Skills Effective Selling Skills
From prospecting to follow-up and closing, learn effective selling skills that'll help you find qualified leads, create positive first impressions, overcome objections, close sales and build strong relationships for sustained business opportunities. With the right training, every salesperson can enhance their techniques and become a vital part of the sales team.
Mid-Career Effective People Management
Enhance your people management skills and build productive teams with our comprehensive course. Learn to engage and motivate your team members, set clear expectations, and provide constructive feedback to achieve positive business outcomes.