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Our Blog Reads

Our Blog Reads

17 February 2023

7 Best Free and Paid XiaoHongShu Courses and Certifications

Explore popular XiaoHongShu courses, and enroll in a Xiao Hong Shu course to gain certification. Learn how to use and advertise using the social media app 小红书 (Little Red Book) effectively. How can brands utilize Xiaohongshu for branding purpose.
14 February 2023

Guide on How to Sell on XiaoHongShu in Singapore

Learn how to sell on the Xiao Hong Shu social e-commerce platform, from registration to store setup, and optimize your sales results. Xiaohongshu is an ideal channel for marketers to target and connect with the Chinese audience.
9 February 2023

What is XiaoHongShu 小红书 and How to Use It

Xiaohongshu is a social media and e-commerce platform. Generally, it can be described as China's own Instagram. This article will show you how to use Xiao Hong Shu to promote your brand. Learn how to download the 小红书 app, register for an account, and more.
6 February 2023

10 Best Side Hustle Ideas in Singapore to Make Extra Money

There are many ways to make money on the side. Side hustles can bring in hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. If you're looking for side hustle ideas to supplement your income, you can start from those that you can do right at home.
1 February 2023

10 Best Resources for Learning Social Media Marketing

List of Social Media Marketing (SMM) resources to take your social media profile to the next level and get more engagement. Get ahead of the competition with these social media marketing resources to keep up with the industry.
30 January 2023

21 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are essential to communicating a message that persuades, influences, and inspires your audience. Get best tips to improve your public speaking and presentation skills to engage an audience effectively.
11 January 2023

How to Become a Top Sales Performer

Learn how to become a top sales performer from successful salespeople habits, experience, and advice. Focus on the customer first and the sale second. In doing so, you will close more sales as you build stronger relationship.
9 January 2023

8 Best Free & Paid Sales Training Certification Courses

If you're looking for salesperson courses to build your soft skills, this list of courses will help you to close more deals and crush your sales targets. Explore the top free and paid sales courses to learn about sales and take your selling skills to the next level.