From 6 March to 12 March 2023, FirstCom Academy held our Digital Skills & Employability Fair at the Waterway Point (WWP) Atrium in Punggol! Organised with support from our partners, Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS), SurgeTalents HR Consulting and FastJobs — it was a week of sharing as our course consultants, trainers and staff worked tirelessly to educate the public about the current job market, in-demand skills and how to secure better job opportunities.

Thousands of participants showed up over the course of the event, playing games, winning prizes, attending workshops and getting valuable career advice from our partners. A big thank you to everyone who made it possible.

If you missed out on our digital skills fair at Waterway Point, don’t worry, we’ll cover what went on so you know what to expect at the next fair!


A Warm Welcome with a Game Quest

Upon visiting the roadshow, every participant receives a welcome pack and a Game Quest card. The objective of the Game Quest is to fill in the blanks on the card to redeem a spin on our Sure-Win wheel. It was a pleasure to see the event floor buzzing with participants moving about the information boards for Game Quest answers!

Curious to know what prizes were up for grabs on the Sure-Win wheel? We had vouchers and useful goodies like pens, notebooks, bags, bottles and a digital marketing guidebook. Be sure to be there for our next fair for updated prizes!


Learning About Industry Trends, Digital Skills and Job Opportunities

For job seekers, the Digital Skills & Employability Fair was chock full of information on job market trends, upskilling opportunities and in-demand digital skills. Participants could also get career advice, practical interview tips and even learn new skills!

Digital Skills & Employability Fair at Waterway Point

Information Boards

What happens when you do a Google search? What is the number of monthly TikTok users in Singapore? Have you heard of XiaoHongShu? What about choosing the right professional certification for your career goals?

We answered these questions and more with helpful information boards around the event! Not only were they a great source of trivia, they provided job seekers with information on current and upcoming digital skill sets. If you’re unsure which digital skills to pursue, why not check out our information boards at the next fair?


Partner Talks

The event also featured talks from our partners on job opportunities, resume tips and interview preparation. Our partners, SIRS, SurgeTalents and FastJobs covered the following topics.

Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS)
Exciting Job Opportunities in Retail and E-Commerce

Supercharge Your Job Search in 2023


SurgeTalents HR Consulting
How to Prepare for Online vs F2F Interviews

How to Prepare a Resume and Tips to Land a Job Successfully


Digital Skills Workshops

Digital Skills & Employability Fair at Waterway Point Digital Skills Workshops

One of the main highlights of the event has to be the Digital Skills Workshops conducted by our very own FirstCom Academy trainers! Participants attending the workshops got to pick their brains in bite-sized 30 minute sessions jam packed with information.

Trainer Workshop Topic
Keith Cheung Smartphone Photography Basics: Shooting and Editing
Eugene Tan Understanding SEO and the Demand of Google Marketing Skills
Jocelyn Goh Video Marketing: How to Create Compelling Videos to Make Profit
Moses Simon How to Boost Your Employability Online – The Art of Branding Through LinkedIn
Kala Rani Creating Compelling Social Media Short Videos: A Guide to Smartphone Camera Tips and Techniques
Shawn Yeo Facebook KNOWS What You Like! – Introduction to Social Media Ads and How You Can Leverage It for Your Career
Chen Chen A Beginner’s Guide to Xiao Hong Shu & Why Are Businesses Tapping On This Hot New Platform
Malcolm Chen TikTok 101:A Beginner’s Guide to TikTok Features and Trends
Daryl Kang Master TikTok in 2023: Proven Growth Tips


Keep an eye out for the programme overview at our next Digital Skills & Employability Fair if any of the topics interest you!


Course Consultations

Digital Skills & Employability Fair at Waterway Point course consultations with course experts

Our friendly course consultants were also on hand to help upskillers and job-seekers find the perfect course for their needs. Don’t be afraid to ask them any burning questions you might have.


The Game of Life and Lucky Draws

Digital Skills & Employability Fair at Waterway Point Game of Life winners

If you happened to pass by our event at Waterway Point from the 6 to 12 March, you might have noticed a colourful mural on the ground! This wasn’t just for show! Our “Game of Life” is a fun take on the classic snakes and ladders where the goal is to reach at the end of the course with the most money possible. The prize? Up to $100 in NTUC vouchers!

Finally, event participants also got to take part in a daily lucky draw! The prizes on offer included an enrollment into their preferred FirstCom Academy course (worth $1.1k) as well as 2 Samsung Galaxy A8 Tablets up for grabs on the weekend.

A big congratulations to the winners!

Digital Skills and Employability Fair at Waterway Point lucky draw winners


See You at Our Next Digital Skills & Employability Fair!

We hope you enjoyed reading this recap of our Digital Skills & Employability Fair at Punggol Waterway Point (WWP). If you’re disappointed that you missed out, don’t be! Just save the date for our next fair and we’ll see you there!

Digital Skills & Employability Fair at Bishan Junction 8 (J8)
Location: Bishan Junction 8 Atrium
Date: 27 Mar – 2 Apr 2023
Time: 11am – 10pm