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Digital Marketing

20 SkillsFuture Credit-Eligible Courses For Those Looking To Upskill
12 June 2023
Take ownership of your skills development and lifelong learning. Use your SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) to upgrade your skills with quality courses in Singapore that are affordable. SkillsFuture Credit can be used on top of existing government course subsidies to pay for or offset the fees of the approved skills-related courses.
FirstCom Academy at SMRT Learning Fair 2023
29 May 2023
We are delighted to be part of SMRT Learning Fair 2023, to showcase the significance of personal and professional development. We shared insights about our course offerings and the importance of equipping with Digital Tech and Critical Soft Skills!
Digital Skills & Employability Fair at Bishan Junction 8 (J8)
6 April 2023
Here's what went on during our Digital Skills and Employability Fair at Junction 8. Learn more about in-demand skill sets, identify skill gaps and equip with relevant and practical skill sets to secure better job opportunities in the market. Upgrade your digital skills and gain professional certifications!
Digital Skills Workshop by FirstCom Academy
24 March 2023
Course expert Berlin Ng was delighted to share her insights and tips on digital trends and Career Conversion Programme (CCP). It was a heartwarming sight seeing like-minded individuals from all walks of life come together, mingle and discover ways to create a better future!